TSP Solar Board - converted products

TSP Solar Board - converted products

TSP SB converted products 
 are strips cut out of boards made of rock mineral wool that are faced with a black glass fleece. The insulation properties of rock mineral wool strips increase heat retention within the collector and improve the overall function of the collector system. The glass fleece facing improves the visual appearance as the absorber does not cover the entire visible surface of the collector.

Lateral thermal insulation of flat thermal solar collectors.

Technical properties:
Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/mK
No emission at high temperatures (SPF Certificate)
Flexible dimensions

Provides excellent thermal insulation thereby minimizing heat loss
Aids heat absorption
Facing with black glass fleece
Tested and certified by SPF Institute Rapperswil/CH

Thermal solar panels

Insulation in thermal solar collectors prevents lose of accumulated heat in the solar collector and improves absorption efficiency. It is important that insulation has high temperature stability (up to 220°C) and does not cause any organic compound emission which can be visibly accumulated on thermal solar collector glass.

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