PBE Board Special (PBE BSP)

PBE Board Special (PBE BSP)

PBE Board Special are trapeze contoured strips cut out of rock mineral wool boards with horizontally-oriented fibres. PBE Board Special is also available as a board prepared to cut-out trapeze strips.

PBE Board Special in the form of a board are the most convenient products for roof sandwich panel producers which have their own trapeze cutting equipment integrated into their production process.

Cut to size trapezes these are products which can go directly into the process of roof sandwich panel production without additional pre-cutting required and are therefore suitable for producers without cutting equipment. 

Technical properties:
Reaction to fire: Euroclass A1
Product customized according to needs of the customer

Available as board or as cut-to-size trapeze strips
Fire-resistant (European Class A1) - melting point above 1.000 °C
Dimensional stability

Standard dimensions:
Customised according to customer requirements.

Prefabricated building elements

Prefabricated building elements are widely used in construction of non-residential buildings. Energy efficiency, low noise pollution and fire safety are key requirements which determine the design of such buildings. Rock mineral wool sandwich panels are the most convenient solution for meeting all of those requirements.

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