CHM S Duct Roll (CHM SDR)

CHM S Duct Roll (CHM SDR)

CHM SDR is a high density mat made of rock mineral wool with vertically oriented fibres designed for thermal, sound and fire protection of stainless steel chimneys. The mats are faced on one side with reinforced aluminium foil which ensures protection of the outer surface and at the same time acts as a vapour barrier. The special production technology and vertical orientation of the fibres create the high mechanical strength of the mat.

Thermal, fire and sound protection of stainless steel chimney systems.

Technical properties:
Reaction to fire: Euroclass A2 (EN 13051)
Operating temperature: ≤ 300°C
AS Quality: Insulation of Austenitic Steel (EN 13468)

Minimal heat loss
Resistance to compression loads
Thermal, fire and sound insulation properties
High flexibility ensures that mat fits to any surface
Preservation at high temperatures
Material melting point above 1.000°C

Chimney systems

Thermal insulation installed around chimneys prevents condensation of water vapour inside the chimney tube and provides optimum draft of fumes. This ensures optimal functioning of chimney systems and efficient use of energy.

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