CHM C CFB Pipe Section / CHM S CFB Pipe Section

CHM C CFB Pipe Section / CHM S CFB Pipe Section

CHM C CFB & CHM S CFB are cut pipe sections made of rock mineral wool of different inner diameters and wall thicknesses. Pipe sections can be coated with reinforced aluminium foil which protects the section surfaces where mechanical protection is required. At the same time the aluminium foil acts as a vapour barrier.

The inner diameter and length of pipe sections can be customised according to tube diameter and length. Thickness of the insulation can also be customized according to customer requirements. Customisation of all three elements is important to achieve perfect fitting of insulation to the chimney tube, resulting in better energy efficiency of the entire chimney system.

In the production of pipe sections we use different types of rock mineral wool production technologies in order to meet even the highest operating temperatures.

Thermal, fire and sound insulation for ceramic and stainless-steel chimney systems.

Technical properties:
Reaction to fire: Euroclass A2 (EN 13051)
Operating temperature: ≤ 300°C
AS Quality: Insulation of Austenitic Steel (EN 13468)

Easy to mount
Preservation at high temperatures
Material melting point above 1.000°C
High thermal insulation properties
Excelent form stability
Acuired certificates: EN 13063-1 (product without facing)

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Chimney systems

Thermal insulation installed around chimneys prevents condensation of water vapour inside the chimney tube and provides optimum draft of fumes. This ensures optimal functioning of chimney systems and efficient use of energy.

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